“Sometimes parents squash students’ interests because they are afraid of science or math. So they don’t participate. You don’t have to know the answers to engage kids; you just have to let them know it’s important.“ – Mae Jemison, First Black female astronaut to travel in space and 2007 AAUW Achievement Awardee

“I have been with Girls in STEM for about 5-6 years now. Girls in STEM is really suitable for
young girls who want to dip their toes into STEM concepts through its various projects,
speakers and events and is suitable for older girls, like me, who might want to pursue a
more advanced project on their own or help the younger girls.”


I have been a part of the club alongside my younger sister since about December 2018. I wasn’t really into STEM before I joined the club, and I didn’t know much about it back then either. However, I am now heavily considering working towards an exciting career in Astrophysics. I have also made many friends in the club and have met talented professionals and inspiring people who work in STEM fields too.”


“Girls in STEM has made a huge impact regarding field and career interests while also allowing me to bond and interact with a group of girls who have similar aspirations.”

Swetha G.

“I decided to join the Club with my older sister. I’ve had a fascination with STEM and space for as long as I can remember. When my mother found the Girls in STEM club I was thrilled since it meant I’d finally be able to feed my interests and make new friends with similar interests.”

Ceionna L.